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Andre White Champagne
Andre White Champagne
Price: $5.98

White Wine Sparkling Wine 

A blend of varietal whites with a light touch of dryness and light mouthfeel.
Dom Perignon Champagne 2000
Dom Perignon Champagne 2000 - 95pts
Price: $398.97

White Wine   Rated 94pts by WA   Rated 91pts by WS   Rated 95pts by WE 

On the Nose: Fresh, crystalline and sharp, the first nose unveils an unusual dimension, an aquatic vegetal world with secret touches of white pepper and gardenia. The wine reveals a light, gentle maturity before exhaling peaty scents. On the Palate: The attack bursts forth, before maturing into a sensual fullness that winds around itself, like a tendril of foliage. Notes of liquorice and dried ginger linger on the skin of fruit (pear and mango), more textured than ripe. The finish gradually unfurls and then settles, smooth, mellow, all-encompassing. An indefinable je ne sais quoi, never upsetting the integrity of the wine, has worked its charm.
Perrier Jouet Grand Brut Champagne
Perrier Jouet Grand Brut Champagne - 90pts
Price: $44.98

White Wine Sparkling Wine   Rated 87pts by WA   Rated 90pts by WS   Rated 90pts by WE 

White flowers, white fruit, pineapple and grapefruit. The light, delicate Grand Brut offers a wide range of flavors. A fresh, lively, dynamic and perfectly balanced wine to be enjoyed as an aperitif and at any time of day, with light dishes. A perfect introduction to the House style.
Taittinger Cuvee Pristige Champagne
Taittinger Cuvee Pristige Champagne - 92pts
Price: $31.98

White Wine Sparkling Wine   Rated 92pts by WS 

Pale almond gold in color, this Champagne is marked by a smooth, creamy texture with warm, toasty nuances of black Pinot grapes and elegant Chardonnay fruit.
G.h. Mumm Champagne
G.h. Mumm Champagne - 90pts
Price: $44.98

White Wine Sparkling Wine   Rated 88pts by WA   Rated 90pts by WS   Rated 89pts by WE 

Mumm Cordon Rouge possesses a brilliant yellow golden color. The bubbles are lively, intense, and light. The bouquet is fruity with initial notes of peaches, pears, and green apples followed by flavors of candied lemon and ripe apricots. The long cellar aging provides flavors of vanilla, roasted nuts and a hint of toast. On the palate this cuvee reveals a delicate freshness followed by the power and full-bodied character of the Pinot Noir. The finish is a combination of the lightness of the Chardonnay and the fruitiness of the Pinot Noir balanced by the roundness of the Pinot Meunier. The "temoigne" or long finish, is the result of the carefully chosen infusion of terroir and reserve wine...
Taittinger Cuvee Brut Rose Champagne
Taittinger Cuvee Brut Rose Champagne - 92pts
Price: $56.98

Rose/Blushed Wine Sparkling Wine   Rated 90pts by WA   Rated 92pts by WS   Rated 85pts by WE 

A vibrant pink color. The bubbles are fine, and the foam persistent. The full nose, wonderfully expressive, is fresh and young. It delivers aromas of red fruits (freshly crushed wild raspberries, cherries, black currants). On the palate, this wine strikes a fine balance and is both velvety and full-bodied. The flavors are reminiscent of fresh, crisp red fruits. The palate can be summed up in three words: lively, fruity and fresh, as only a fine rose blend should be.
Krug Grande Cuvee Champagne
Krug Grande Cuvee Champagne - 95pts
Price: $134.98

White Wine Sparkling Wine   Rated 90pts by WA   Rated 95pts by WS   Rated 95pts by IW   Rated 94pts by WE 

Krug Grande Cuvee is as a symphony, a composition where the instruments all play together, complementing each other in total harmony," says winemaker Henri Krug. The flagship of the house, Grande Cuvee is imposing in character from the first moment in the glass. The "birth" of Krug Grande Cuvee, through its first fermentation exclusively in small oak casks, ensures the unique personality and dimension that is the Krug Style.The composition of the "cuvee" is a stunning mosaic of flavors where the three champagne grapes, 20-25 growths and 6-10 different years, combine to give Krug Grande Cuvee its complexity, elegance and consistency year after year, blend after blend. To maintain this cons...
Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne (Half btl 375ml)
Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne (Half btl 375ml)
Reg: $23.99
On Sale: $19.98

White Wine Sparkling Wine 

Wine Color: White
Vintage: None Vintage
Varietal: Blend
Style: Sparkling
Size: 375ml
Origin: Europe > France > Champagne > Champagne

Taste: None Selected, None Selected
Louis De Sacy Brut Champagne
Louis De Sacy Brut Champagne - 90pts
Reg: $29.99
On Sale: $25.63

White Wine Sparkling Wine   Rated 90pts by WS   Rated 88pts by WE 

Beautiful golden rode with very fine bubbles spreading out a complex, subtle and well balanced nose of red fruits, citrus, spices, herbs and toasted bread. This Grand Cru Brut is well known for offering a great deal of "terroir." chractere with delicacy.